Lack mentality

I struggle with understanding if my (in)actions stem from a lack mentality, or merely reality. For example, I desperately want to change careers from education to coaching, but I cannot afford the LCS certification, as much as I want it. I physically can’t pay that amount of money for six months, and my current job makes getting any side hustles (worth the ROI) very difficult (long hours, weekend surprise to-dos, plus I’m exhausted from my full-time job).

I worry this is all just lack mentality. These are just thoughts and beliefs I’m having. But when I sit down to really figure out the answer, I simply can’t find the money to pay and no plan that is realistic for my circumstances, so then I think it’s merely my reality. How can I take a different perspective on this? I’ve done a few models, but they haven’t pointed me in any specific direction yet. Thank you in advance!