Lack of belief in my ability to reach goals.

Brooke, I have been in SCS now for 3 months and have followed you since before you began your podcast. I have done this work for a long time, but I can’t say with any consistency. I always hesitate to write my question or ask for coaching because I feel like my “issue” is too general. I have tried to boil it down into one concise bite-sized topic. As I’ve tried working models on myself, the main issue that comes up over and over is that I lack a belief in my own ability to overcome. Some things that I have failed to follow through on include my desire to stop overeating, my desire to launch a successful coaching business and a strong sense of a calling to help others. In other words, I feel an overwhelming sense that “greatness” isn’t really for ME; and if I found tremendous success in my life it would shock people that know me. It’s like I’m destined only for mediocrity and success is for other people. Just yesterday I watched my best friend get baptized and then later receive her 1 year token from AA. As I watched tons of friends fawn over her for her accomplishments, the voices in my head got louder and louder reminding me that kind of success isn’t for me.

I don’t know where to begin with a model or my “impossible goal.” so I do nothing. Can you direct me as far as how to build a model to start chipping away at this ridiculousness?