Lack of belief in myself

I’m really struggling here.

So many people have told me how great of a coach I am. They’ve said they’d pay me, they are changing so much, they value it so much. But I asked myself: “Would I pay for my coaching?” and my mind leaned towards no. It’s not because I don’t think this work is so valuable, it’s because of my own self belief.

I’m working SO UNBELIEVABLY hard on my own self belief, and I’m getting no where. It feels like I’ll never be able to change it. I’m trying and trying and trying to believe in myself. I do thought work and journalling with intention everyday, I watch my mind, I’ve done all of SCS and taken notes on every program, I do all the SCS homework daily, I’m in month three of CCP and working to apply everything I’m learning… and my mind is full of doubt. What do I do? I am so desperate to feel confident and believe in myself and nothing seems to be working. I am practicing new thoughts every day and nothing sticks. Do you have any steps I can take? I’m so anxious and discouraged.