lack of confidence

I am struggling with a lack of confidence. Over the past 3 years, I have worked hard on me – reading books, journaling, observing my thoughts, dealing with my own self-sabotage….. you get the drift! I have changed so much, but I find myself almost paralyzed by taking the next steps. As I am older, this has revolved around the circumstances of retirement from my job of 30 years, all 4 children have left and launched their own successful lives, I have moved somewhere where I didn’t know a soul, and renovated a home while renovating myself. I am not the person that I used to be, and am working to now be the best revision of myself for now and the future. I am very creative, never bored, younger than my 65 years in many ways, and see opportunities in challenges and change, BUT I am also insecure and lack confidence in taking the next steps to allow others (and sometimes myself) to see the changes.
In the past year, I began a business which I am passionate about and know that I will be wonderful at, but I find that most people just want my ideas for free. Being a life-long people pleaser and just so enthusiastic about my new business, I have sabotaged myself by saying too much, too soon, and then having people run with my ideas. This has caused too much mind restlessness and struggle.
As a final note, I am also now alone. My husband of 20 years has left to start a new life of his own. This has also taken a toll on my self-confidence in a big way, and I now have the added challenge of finding financial security in my fledgling business. Most days, I am resilient and I view these challenges as opportunities and keep trying to move forward, BUT I also know I am holding myself back because I am scared to put myself out there – even to myself!
I am asking for guidance in taking the next crucial steps to living the life that I want to live on my own terms. I am open to your suggestions! Thank you so much!