Lack of empathy for peers who don’t have the model

I’m enrolled in a special training for sex coaches. There’s a Facebook group where we match for practicums and practices and ask for feedback. A lot of people seem to me to be very focused on past trauma and how that affects their daily life. I also have past trauma, but choose to see it differently, though I used to have a similar way of thinking to them, so while I can empathize, I also avoid connecting and pairing with people who have that story because I feel like I’m done and over it and feel I’d want to try to coach them. I think I’m also afraid that since it wasn’t that long ago I also felt like a victim, it would be easy for me to fall back into feeling that way if I connected with them. The result is I’m prejudging and not making connections and I’m doubting my newer ways of thinking. I feel like I’m not doing this right.