Lack of energy + a money problem

Hi Brooke !
It seems like I cannot fuel any energy in the morning, I fall asleep quite late even if I go to bed early and each morning I am thinking, Gosh, I need to go to work and it is very difficult to wake up and do my chores and put make up on (even if it feels good to do it) – it is very complicated and it is difficult to feel any power in doing it. I eat quite well, almost nothing in the evening, I feel like something drains my energy somehow. How could I manage to go on ?
Also, I am not doing well with money. I went through the Money module and realized debts are just debts but it is very difficult for me to not put any money aside because of the debts that I made and I feel I cannot control them anymore. I am a single mother and the responsibilities feel very complicated sometimes.

Please make any suggestion you can for feeling alive again ! Thank you , dear friend !