Lack of support from my mom/Intentional Model/Wow is that so?

This one is about my mom. I’m going through difficult times now, and I shared specific details of what’s going on with her. As always, I was so stupid enough to think that she would understand and support me. Haha. Toxic mothers are not like that. Anyway, now that I see the full picture more clearly, I can work on my thoughts.

Here is my Model:

C Mom
T You’re not there when I need you the most
F Grief/Sadness/Apathy/Fell lonely/ Feel betrayed
A Afraid to share how I feel/disconnect with the world/don’t trust people’s ability to be there for me/don’t reach out/struggle on my own/suffer silently
R No support

I am struggling to let go of my childish need to be supported by mom. I understand that I am an adult person, and I am responsible for my thoughts and feelings, but that little girl inside me needs to get even just a sprinkle of love from her mom.

Here is my IM

C Mom
T You can’t provide me with the support I need, and that’s okay. I am capable of handling my life on my own.
F I feel much stronger
A Talk to friends, do self-coaching, life coaching, therapy. Go to the gym.
R I get the much-needed support.

I’d appreciate some feedback on my Models.