Lack of will power

Here’s my UM, I’d like some help with it, please. I’m not sure I did it right, I’m kind of struggling with my R Line as usual (yes that’s an unuseful T too !!!).
C: Listening to Brooke about the body fat weighing experience
Thinking about my own bodyfat
T: I have no willpower
F: Unworthy
A: Giving up (eating off protocol, not working out), not respecting my commitments to myself then, thinking about past times where I didn’t follow through with my plans

this is where I’m not sure I have several Rs

I keep proving to myself that I don’t have willpower
Not creating what I want and I committed to create
Keep creating a fat body
Not sticking to my plan
Not respecting what I planned for myself.

Well, I’m never really sure which R to choose or even that one of my Rs are good ones so I tried to listen to calls to practice and I’m still not sure.
Which ones would be ok in this list?
Because I’m never really confident about my R so I’m afraid that I didn’t get the concept of the R line right
Thank you