Ladder thoughts for new belief

Hi Brooke,
I am in the second month of SCS and I don‘t want to miss out on my Thought Download Work in the morning! ☺️ In the moment, I feel kind of stuck to fill the gap between old and new belief. My new belief is: I the director of a Music School and running an English Music program in Germany.
One of my conflicting sentences is : As a non native speaker I am not legitimate to teach in English. I tried to find out what in my opinion would give me legitimacy to do so. Degrees? Stay in an English speaking country for a good amount of time? I seems like I am looking for it outside of myself. The crazy thing is, I tell myself I can not do it because I didn‘t study English at a University but when I check in with me how I would think about the possibility to run a french music program (I studied French at University) I tell myself: yes, but a degree doesn‘t say anything, you have it but actually you are not capable… so it is destructive in both cases. So I think, looking for legitimacy outside of myself doesn‘t serve me. But how can start believing, that I am legitimate and capable ?
I tried ladder thoughts, but it feels bumpy …
– As a non native speaker I‘m not legitimate to teach in the foreign language
– It is possible, that non native speaker can teach in a foreign language
– It is possible that they‘re doing a great job
– I have the possibility to teach in a foreign language
– I can teach foreign languages
– I can believe that I‘m capable of doing so
– I run a English music program in Germany

I would be happy to have any insights on that, how to address this differently, how to deal with the thought of “not good enough” here.
Thank you very much!