Laddering De-Conditioning Desire

Thank you for the De-Conditioning Desire call. Such goodness of information!

I am a new scholar and after watching all the stop overeating workshop videos, I decided to quit flour and sugar the next day and wrote myself a protocol.
For two days everything went well and I was proud of myself for doing it right.
Then I had an appointment to the hair salon and there is always this place I stop by to eat bagel at, each time I go, and I watched myself getting excited for having this treat and in I went, and ate it.

At the aftermath I realized this was a learned urge that I did not recognize in time and hurried into it.
That it perhaps was both a learned event/situation as well as cravings of sugar withdrawal that I should have just override.

I wonder if it would make sense using your tool of laddering thoughts to ease my brain from ‘I am eating flour and sugar whenever I want’ (where I lived until now) to goal thought of ‘I don’t eat flour and sugar anymore.’

What if I create a laddering thought that says ‘For the next 60 days I will not each flour and sugar and see how it affects my body’

And then after 60 days will work on a new thought of ‘I am having such great results, I will never want to go back to look and feel they way I did on flour and sugar’

Will it be useful or will it be like holding the ball under water for 60 days?