Laddering help (need to break this thought)

At work, I tend to get stuck in a similar pattern about the product team I work with. I find them to be a group of five people who believe that they can do everyone’s job in the company better. They are not relationship focused. I need to break this thought pattern and would like some help on the model – especially around laddering – as I still have a hard time believing my own laddering thoughts (I tried adding “it’s ok” but it’s still a stretch).

Here is my thought pattern:
C: Product Team
T: Act and think that they can do everyone’s job better than they can.
F: Inadequate/Anger
A: Ruminate, Waste time stressing over thoughts or past situations
R: Poor work relationships, not wanting to work with them

Intentional Thought
C: Product Team
T: It is possible to believe that they actually want to collaborate and not just take over.
F: curious
A: Do my own work
R: Reach my goals and NOT waste time spinning

Ok, additional thoughts and suggestions would be great. I have a number of different models that are similar as they tend to stir up the same feelings/thoughts. Thank you so much!