Laddering vs. Thought that brings up doubts

Hi Brooke,

I started this month’s homework using a thought – I am 132 pounds. Although that is an exciting and difficult goal for me, I’m losing weight currently and believe that I will get to that number, even if I have to do it 2 lbs per month. So that thought didn’t bring up doubts. Based on what you have said to others, I put a time limit on it that was so ambitious that it was sure to bring up doubts. I am 132 pounds by my birthday this year (October). I was 190 lbs at the start of March so that would be 2 lbs a week. That of course is possible, I guess, but it sure seems like a stretch for me, so I have plenty to work with using that thought.

So my question is this… in the podcast this week, you used laddering to build a believable thought – but those don’t bring up doubts…

In our homework, is the thought we want to believe suppose to be believable… (I am 132 pounds by this time next year) or challenging (I am 132 pounds by my birthday)?

Or are we supposed to be laddering our way through the month? I don’t always believe I’ll be 132 lbs by my birthday, but I believe someone else has lost 2 lbs a week and I’m working hard trying to get to that… I’m currently losing 1.7 lbs a week and that is really good for me. But at that rate, I won’t make my goal.