Language fluency and epic fails

Hi Brooke, I think that my impossible goal will be to be fluent in French and Spanish by my son’s wedding in Madrid on August 30. I am at an intermediate level in both of those languages. I have had dreams to be fluent in them many times over the decades, and I never stuck with the work to make it a reality. It is an old dream which I felt embarrassed about since it was not very important in raising our family or in making money, etc.
My question is first of all how to make fluency in a language the C line. How will I determine that in in neutral manner? Then secondly epic fails? Every time I speak those languages I will be making fails. Lol.
Potential Model
C. I speak French
T i am not fluent so i shouldnt say that.
F embarrassed
A refrain from speaking French or talking sbout learning it
R i speak french poorly.