Lap Band Lady

Hey Brooke – I’m the one having the lap band removed. I want to thank you and the person who wrote a note to you to share with me about the lap band and me being exactly where I should be. You were both extremely helpful. I’ve been sorta on protocol (which I know means not at all on protocol). My birthday is tomorrow and I’m having a planned joy eat and then Saturday is day 1 of following my protocol to a tee and letting the shit come up that’s gonna come up. Using the urges worksheet as well. Posting here for accountability (and feedback if you have any) and I will check in weekly with the thoughts I’m working on. I wrote up a “health protocol” and have copied it below. Side note – I am reading The Miracle Morning and it’s really good. In fact, I think he was channeling you in some of his chapters. Great book if you’re trying to develop a good morning routine.

Health Protocol
1. No Flour, no Sugar
2. 2 meals per day between 12pm – 8pm
3. Lunch consists of 8oz salad, 4 oz protein or fat & 2-3 oz dressing
4. Dinner consists of 4 oz protein, 8 oz veggies, 2 tbsp fat
5. No Snacks
6. 1 cup coffee with HWC, butter, MCT oil after exercise in AM
7. Joy eat 1x week preplanned at least 24 hours in advance; joy eat is a snack or small meal NOT a whole day: DO NOT BEGIN THIS
8. No alcohol unless joy eat
9. Wake by 5:30am; In bed by 10pm.
10. 21 Day Fix workouts 7 days per week in AM before coffee (7 days so that there’s no decision – I always get up)
11. 64 oz water
12. 5000+ steps/day (increase if meeting everyday)
13. Scholars work and plan day after workout/Review end of day before bed
14. Meal plan and prep on Fridays so the weekend is successful.
15. Recommit EVERYDAY.
16. Weigh Daily.

When I don’t want to wake up in the morning:
• You will never become a morning person unless you do things a morning person will do.
• You love this time in AM – it begins your day on the right note.
• You can do hard things. You can commit.
• Just commit to 5 minutes – you will always decide to do more.