Last 10lbs models

Can I get feedback on these two models? Thanks coaches!

I did a thought download on the last 10lbs. My A-lines are a little jumbled but it’s a start.

Model 1:
C: Beginning weight 200lbs, current weight this morning 124, goal weight 115, this stage called “the last 10lbs”
T: It’s really hard (to lose the last 10lbs).
F: Self-pity
• Feel sorry for myself
• Dread thinking about how much longer this will take until I reach goal weight
• Wish I were at 115 already
• Don’t enjoy the journey/process
• Focus on the length of time I’ve been at/around 122-125
• Tell myself this is hard
• Say to other people “Yeah, it’s hard to lose the last 10lbs, you gotta be really tough and dial everything in”
• Worry about the accuracy of my food scale logging into myfitnesspal
• Weigh and track all the food that goes into my mouth so I can look at the reports
• Don’t do as much weight, body, or weight loss-related thought work as I used to
• Tell myself in order to lose the last 10lbs, it actually requires me to focus less on micromanaging it and more brain focus on other things like living my life or growing my business, THEN the weight will fall off
• Unconsciously make protocol changes without properly vetting them/committing them (removing starchy veggies, removing fruit, which hasn’t technically been my protocol all the way down)
• Choose other topics to get coached on besides weight loss, tell myself I don’t need any more coaching on this, it’s just indulgent to keep getting coaching on this
• Judge myself for not being at my goal weight yet
R: I make it hard to lose the rest of my weight. (obviously)

Model 2:
C: Beginning weight 200lbs, current weight this morning 124, goal weight 115, this stage called “the last 10lbs”
T: It takes forever to lose the last 10lbs.
F: Defeated
• Don’t encourage myself to keep going
• Rely on the number on the scale to give me motivation, excitement to continue pursuing my goal
• Let the number on the scale tell me if I can give myself permission to believe “It’s working” based on any given day. (Scale lowering? “It’s working”. Scale up/same? “It’s not working.”)
• Don’t allow some urges especially on the weekend (what’s the point? It’ll take forever)/tell myself it won’t be worth it
• Eat off-plan sometimes, and off-protocol (e.g. eating sugar and/or flour when it’s not planned in 24-hrs in advance as a planned exception) aka grabass
• Grabass eat a bite of my boyfriend’s sugar/flour food at home and/or at restaurants “just to see what it tastes like/it won’t matter”
• Eat more than one exception per week (e.g. a planned exception on purpose on Monday, but then Saturday it’s like wellllllll it’s technically long enough so I can have this.)/justify eating more than one exception per week
• Avoid doing weight loss related thought work because “I need to be doing business/relationships thought work because it’s more productive/weight loss thought work isn’t very productive at this point”
• Dream of finally being done/115
• Dream of how it will feel to be in maintenance and not have to still be working on weight loss ugh
• Stop stepping into future me – tell myself there’s no new future versions of me to step into, I’m already her/nothing new to step into
• Judge myself for not following protocol/the plan
R: I don’t lose weight (and sometimes gain weight). I make it take forever.