Last call today (jf)

You are blowing my mind on the call right now! The last person you coached on the live call really triggered my thoughts and emotions! If that person had come to me with her story I would have automatically started thinking that man is abusive, controlling and manipulative (btw- he could be, right?). But then as you talked through it I started really understanding what you were teaching her. I need to drill down on this topic so much. Is there a month where we will be working on relationships?
My whole life, my mom presented this story to me that my dad was so abusive (because he would get mad and upset at her because she was flaky, didn’t finish things, messed up a lot). It set me up to be soo afraid of men and relationships. Now if my husband gets upset I go back to this scared, intimidated child that feels so much shame. Hello! My husband is allowed to be mad! That doesn’t mean he is abusing me or scarring our children for life. Its the story we tell ourselves about the other person’s emotion.
Now, I want to pause here because I know you must get a lot of push back on stuff like this. I can just hear the #metoo movement not loving this conversation. What thoughts do you have about my summary here? I need to learn more about this in my life and try to unravel some things about my parents and my marriage. Obviously, there is also real, legit abuse. How to we really discern the difference?