Lasting changes vs. understanding without full comprehension

I am asking for help in knowing how to move through the workbooks that are provided.

I realize this is a ‘go at your own pace’ program, and that I can start in any place I would like.

I started SCS one month ago and began the “Manage your Mind” learning pathway. I have completed the first 30 days of thought downloads and models and have read the “Why You Must Coach Yourself” workbook as directed.

However, I am hesitant to continue forward with the “Believing New Things” overview because I feel that I haven’t learned the information well enough to move on.

I think I’m getting stuck with thoughts of, “I need to master all of this information before I move on to the next section” or “I read it once, and it made sense, but I want it to become part of who I am, and what I believe”, or “I don’t want to rush through this because I really want to make lasting changes within myself and how I think”.

Do you have any recommendations on how to find a balance of learning and growing so that changes are lasting vs. going through the material with understanding, but not full comprehension?

Would it be advised to go back and repeat the first section again, so that through repetition, I can solidify the basics of this unit?