Lateness in the office LB

Hi Brooke! Just joined SCS after listening to your podcast for a while and I’m so excited to start applying instead of just consuming.
I was hoping you could help me with a thought model. I am a physician, and contrary to stereotypes, I’m pretty good at staying on schedule. I have always been a “if you’re not early, you’re late” type of person. We have an office policy that if a patient checks in up to 15 minutes late, we still see them. This drives me crazy. Here’s my unintentional thought model (not sure if my action or result are correct?)
C: patient shows up 15 minutes late to a 15 minute long appointment
T: this person is disrespecting my time, and now every patient for the rest of the day is going to have to wait and they’ll all be annoyed
F: angry, irritated, rushed
A: see the patient, but have to suppress irritation/anger in the process
R: work gets done, but I don’t enjoy doing it because I carry the irritation of being behind with me all day

I would love to be able to have the thought “I’m so glad this patient showed up so that I can help them along with everyone else!” so that I could feel happy, see patients, enjoy my job, etc, but that thought just doesn’t feel true to me. I have been trying to come up with stair step thoughts to get me there, but with no success.

Would love to hear your perspective on this, and get your feedback on how I filled out that first model.

Thanks so much!