Launching during master class in feb

Hey Brooke, so here’s my problem.

Okay well thought problem but feels like an actual issue.


I’ll be attending your master class in feb.

I want to start generating some money and working with clients at the beginning of the year.

The issue is that I’d have 1:1 clients that I’d have weekly meetings over Skype or phone.

Since it’s a 6 week program — I’d have set times and dates to check in with people.

I wanted to go to the master class completely focused on the work that I learn there.

So I though maybe delay the launch til after the class.

My goal is to have around 15 clients at a time.

Maybe if i shoot for less clients so I have less people to meet with during that Time?

Put it off ?

Just do it all?


I know you can’t make the decision for me.

But what would you do in this position?

I feel like you’d plan really well and knock it all out.

But then staying focused on one thing is a goal.

Advice ?