Law of attraction, positive affirmations

Hi Brooke,

I asked this before and unsure if it got deleted.
I notice that having healthy thoughts is sort of like doing positive affirmations. A while ago I got into this where I would really focus on the positive in a situation to try and get more of that and phrase my negative problems in a positive sense.
For example if I had a horrible date, I would pick out the parts I wanted more of. He was on time, he was hygienic, he was around my age, he was a safe driver. Etc. Just really trying to get the positives out there so my vibration would be happy rather than bummed out.

I wanted to ask if this is sort of like the model too. If I use positive affirmations and keep trying to project a positive vibration then am I creating better circumstances?

For example- I want to eat healthier and one of the foods I eat that is really healthy is Brussels sprouts. So I would keep thinking and saying ” I love eating healthy food like Brussels sprouts “.

I noticed in your live call regarding your dog and how you talked about alignment and things being done in your favor. This made me wonder if you also follow law of attraction.

Please let me know. Thank you in advance.