My dad is coming to pick me up this morning for breakfast. The house is a wreck, gross. The plan is, he cannot come in. I need to rush out and avoid that.

My thoughts include:
I am super lazy.
I am messy.
I am disgusting.
I am a disappointment to my dad.

I did an unintentional model.
C – stuff on tables, counters, floors
T – I am super lazy
F – dejected
A – buffer with internet, reading, napping, don’t clean, swirling thoughts, let things slide, don’t honor commitments to myself
R – nothing changes

Intentional model
C – stuff on tables, counters, floors
T – I choose to live in a better environment.
F – determined
A – clean, make plans and stick to them, make progress
R – better home environment

I am just struggling to get to the intentional thought. I hate how I am and the situation, but always seem to choose the no work plan. I want to do better, until I have time and then I want to lay on the couch. How can I move towards the better model and get things done?