This week, I’ve seen that I’ve let my commitment to take action on my coaching business fall by the wayside.
I used my work as a legal counsel as an excuse, I told myself that I had new projects in the pipeline, so I didn’t have time and so I didn’t even plan a really intentional action that goes in the direction of creating 100 000 euros of result as a coach.
I still posted every day, I reviewed my book and sent it to the publisher as requested, I did my self-coaching, a mentoring session and meditation – which goes along with being my future self who is a coach who has clients – but I did it all with a certain sense of laziness and confusion.
I’m feeling a little bad about it because I want to be super motivated about it all. I feel lucky that I have increased my salary and decreased my hours and I think I should take the opportunity to do a lot more client research – but I feel lazy. Coaching and the functioning of the human brain, emotions and our body are things I am passionate about and I would love to spend my days reading books about it, coaching people, helping them step back from their thoughts and feel their emotions and making nice workbooks that would help others be more intentional in their lives – so this laziness bugs me!
I would then like some tips on how to process it, feel the emotion without resisting it – but then really take action and most importantly create the outcome I want! Right now telling myself that I just need to change my thinking (which is “I don’t feel like it” or “I’m lazy”) or just take action even with this emotion of apathy / laziness seems like a lot of effort and exhausting.