Good Day!! I am so excited I received my email for my certification journey to begin. I was doing my thought download after getting the email and noticed a familiar feeling come up of (overwhelm and doubt in myself). I decided to run a couple models I wanted to get your feedback on these please.

C: Email with Password/sign in
T: There is so much to learn
F: Overwhelm
A: Sitting and spinning in my head staying in uncertainty
R: Wasting time in indulgent useless feelings that don’t serve me

C: Email with password/sign in
T: Today starts my path to an amazing career
F: Inspired
A: Taking action on planning to set small do goals to work on one week at a time. Using MHO tool to accomplish that.
Reminding my brain we don’t waste time in indulgent feelings that no longer serve us. Focusing and journaling in my future goals (future self)
R: Becoming an amazing life coach passing certification

Thank for reviewing and feedback!!