Learn and Move on – I didn’t learn anything, Its what I always do

I had a great week not drinking. I felt better and looked better every single day. Then Friday hit me and I drank. It’s now Saturday and I’m hungover and miserable. I did the learn and move on worksheet but the thing is I don’t know what I learned?!

I wasn’t planning to drink but then my husband got off work early and he wanted to drink & play games (my favorite kind of drinking night).

I don’t have a good plan not to drink when things pop up in the spur of the moment. I did try letting the urge in to figure out exactly why I wanted to drink but I came up with lots of reasons: 5 pm, it’s Friday! Screw it. These are my weakest moments: hungry, end of the day, weekend, husband wants to party, unplanned game night!

I think I need to be prepared more mentally next time to allow the urges. How do I figure out what I learned when this is what I always do? What can I do to be more prepared next time an exciting event pops up? Yes, game night at home is exciting, I’m still in full lockdown LOL.