Learn & Move On

I am new here and heard about the Learn & Move On Worksheet for stop overdrinking and wanted to use it for my goal to start a protocol and stop overeat.
I watched the entire workshop and learned a lot, wrote myself a protocol and today was supposed to be my first day on it.

I woke up and even though I was planned to fast until noon and not include flour and sugar, I heard a thought that says – ‘It’s April 30th, makes more sense to start the protocol tomorrow on a new month.’
And so I went on my way to work and got my usual breakfast, which includes bagel, butter, jam, eggs, and potatoes.

I have done the sheet on the incident and here’s what came up:

1. What and how much did I eat that wasn’t planned? = First, I was supposed to fast. Second, I ate a bagel, butter, jam, 2 eggs, and potatoes.

2. What was the circumstance that triggered the action? = I had an urge, which I taught myself to have every morning.

3. What was the thought that caused the desire/urge? = I had a thought that I should start my protocol tomorrow.

4. Did I try to resist it or react to it? = I reacted to it.

5. Did I try to allow the urge? What worked and what didn’t work? = While I showered I understood that I have a window of opportunity to not comply with the urge, but the thought of starting clean on the 1st of May seemed logical.

6. What did I learn? = That I don’t know how to do this.

7. What will I do next time? = I don’t know.

As you can see, questions 6 & 7 leave me kind of helpless because my answer to 5 tells me that today’s thought actually made sense to me. What if tomorrow my brain will come up with another smart thought I cannot predict? Am I doing the sheet wrong?

Thank you, Lisa