Learned Helplessness

Hello, I have been doing some self-coaching recently and have realized that my main emotion is fear (terror or learned helplessness). I can see how that limits my ability to tell a more positive story about myself and my future. I can recognize that my brain only wants me to grow so much and anything after that kicks up tremendous anxiety.

I recently traveled, and the anxiety (usually just during plane travel) was everywhere, even when I was on the beach or a boat. The good news is that I was aware it’s not just the plane triggering anxiety, it’s anything new.

I was thinking that potentially a) I need to challenge myself in my everyday life more so that I can be more familiar with being uncomfortable (my current life is pretty predictable) and b) I need to give myself permission to dream bigger. However, whenever I dream bigger, my brain tells me I am not telling the negative emotion in and papering over it with thoughts like you can do this. Would love another mind on this. TIA.