Learning by Complaining

Hi Coaches, For my daily homework I wrote what wasn’t great about yesterday was I complained to several of my co-workers about all of the extra work I’ve been doing. Now, a year ago this would not have been a problem for me, but I’m far enough in SCS that I have to ask myself, is this REALLY who I want to be? Instead of feeling regret or beating myself up over what is done, I know what is great about this experience is I can try again tomorrow, I can be the watcher of my thoughts and show up as who I want to be (a non-complaining person with a good work ethic). Self awareness is a beautiful thing, especially when you’re using it to build yourself up, put yourself down!
No question here, I just wanted to thank you for a great, productive month. Who would have thought I could learn something positive from something as seemingly negative as complaining?:)