Learning how to translate thoughts into simple facts

I’m doing this week’s work.

I’d like feedback on how I’m translating some thoughts into facts.

Emotionally driven thought: If I leave everyone will have mastery but me. This is my chance to learn this work before X leaves for his next thing or dies.
Facts: Students are making progress. Students are learning the work. I know some of the work. I can learn more of it. I can choose to leave and not learn more of it.

Emotionally driven thought: I don’t know if I can trust him.

I don’t know how to translate this into facts. I have a business partner. I’ve noticed a way he uses flattery to create intimacy and then slips what he wants in sideways to get a situation to go his way. I’ve heard him tell me how he does this to get people to arrive at the same conclusion he has so he doesn’t have to say what he wants out loud and things will go his way.

Can “I feel overwhelmed” be translated into facts, or do I write, “My heart is beating quickly. My breath is short.” I know this takes me out of the emotional arc. Or for these daily journal purposes, do skip over it?