Learning How to Know What I am Feeling.

Hi Brooke,

For Christmas my husband surprised me with a grandfather clock. I opened the gift on Christmas day and I was truly touched that my husband planned this beautiful surprise for me. Later that day I was extremely upset and I had a very short fuse. I assumed it was because we were having 10 people over for dinner and it was a little stressful getting everything organized. After everyone left, I still felt a bit off, and even the next day I felt something but I didn’t know why I was so irritated. It wasn’t until 2 days after Christmas I woke up in the morning and I finally figured out that I was upset because I wanted to pick the clock out myself. Although this clock is beautiful, it would not be something that I would have chosen. I was surprised that I could not figure out what I was feeling until 2 days later. This happens to me a lot where I don’t know at the time what I am feeling. I know I feel upset or uncomfortable but I don’t know why and then finally after a few hours or in this case 2 days I finally figure it out. I am hoping that your Model can help me figure out what I am feeling faster. Any other tips on how I can figure out what I am feeling?