Learning more about judgment

I would like to learn more about judgment.

I have been noticing more and more now how much I judge myself, and wanting to understand it.

Sometimes I feel like I try to force the judgment away in order to “get to” compassion or a compassionate state, but like I said, it’s forced, like pushing. Working on just allowing all the feelings.

I’ve heard brooke talk about how our brains judge instantly, automatically, like that’s just what the human brains just do and it’s normal. But I’m curious about the difference between the automatic brain’s judgment/interpretation, and when we judge ourselves and others.

I recognize that it fits in the A line of the model, but sometimes I feel “judgmental” and I guess, yes, it IS a feeling, but I’m wondering if judgmental goes in the F line and/or/too? Is it a feeling to allow as if it were an urge? Is it an action I can avoid if I just allow the feeling before it instead of reacting? All kinds of questions here!

Where can I learn more about judgment in general, judging myself, judging others? Thanks in advance!