Learning or Avoiding?

Hi… When do you know if you have learned how to feel neutral (or leaning towards positive) emotion than just avoiding?

This month of working on emotions is really awesome. When I ask myself what am I feeling at this moment or yesterday, I generally have a positive or neutral feeling. (I’m still learning more vocabulary to describe my emotions). While if I’ve done this before scholars or when I am just starting scholars (in my 3rd month this feb) I would have felt more negatively like stressed, grumpy, irritable, insecure, inadequate, anxious, scared, etc.

However, a question that pops up in mind is that have I really learned how to unconsciously redirect my thoughts to generate more positive emotions through out the day? Or have I just become good at avoiding negative emotions?

I do like who I am becoming, just wanted to know that I am doing the works at it should be.