Learning to love myself

I joined SCS in November, because I realized how little I valued myself and that I felt unlovable. I certainly didn’t love myself.

I keep asking myself “how would someone who valued themselves, loved themselves, show up for themselves?” At first, I thought “okay, I will look at people who love themselves and see what they do”. This was a good enough start, but I eventually realized that I can’t read people’s minds and know their motivations for why they do things. So then, like so many things in life, I get to decide what loving myself looks like, how I’m going to show up for myself, and basically be my own role model rather than trying to pattern myself from other people. I tend to struggle with making my C line neutral facts. Appreciate your thoughts on my model on this topic.
C Loving myself
T I don’t know how!
F stupid
A try to do too many things at once, burst of energy and enthusiasm then crash and burn, being harsh with myself.
R cycle in and out of depression, new skills end up being temporary, go back to basing my worth on what I do for others rather than having a sense of my own innate self worth simply for existing.

C Loving myself
T I can choose what this means
F curious
A try new things, be gentle with myself,
R I learn to love myself.