Learning to Prioritize

I am new to scholars. I am new to a lot of things. I am on the cusp of starting as a new attorney (essentially a solo practitioner). I just moved for work. I am attempting to learn Spanish to do some immigration law. The following is of me attempting to figure out how to prioritize.

C: New job
T: Learning Spanish would improve my new practice
F: overwhelm
A: focus on working, don’t make time for Spanish
R: never learn Spanish

C: New Job
T: I can’t learn Spanish, be a new attorney, work on my body all at the same time
F: overwhelm
A: work in new job, put off Spanish and body
R: get good at my job, don’t develop Spanish or body’s health

C: New job
T: I should take a few months to do a spanish immersion program before starting
F: Curious
A: research programs, see if its an option
R: give myself more options

C: New Job
T: You can’t leave your job to go learn Spanish
F: stuck
A: work in new job
R: don’t learn Spanish

C: New Job
T: I could take an online spanish program
F: curious
A: work in new job, do spanish online, attempt to add in body as well
R: work and learn some basic spanish, maybe get body in shape

I am lying to myself when I think, “I can’t do all of this at the same time.” Maybe I can. But any thought that I come up with, Spanish still seems to be a faster learning process in a Spanish speaking country. I think they are all good things. But I’m not sure how to prioritize all of them and would love any insights into my flawed thinking.