Leaving a job

I work as a senior director in a state government agency and was appointed by my boss. She is leaving at the end of next month which means I will leave too. I would likely have the option to stay, but I came on board to work for her 5 years ago and always planned to leave when she left. This leadership role gave me many opportunities to manage my mind! So I’ve known this time was coming, I’ve built my network and saved funds to be able to take some time off, but now that it’s here, my brain is freaking out. It’s amazing that all the accomplishments/feedback that I thought would ‘give’ me confidence when I first started the job have actually all happened, but they’re just sitting in my C line now and my Ts are having their way with them… I think it’s safe and familiar here, I’m a big fish and well-respected and might not be somewhere new, what if I can’t get another big job, no one will like me as much as my current boss, and on and on. These are not the thoughts I want to have going into time off or a job search. Oh, as I’m typing I realize I’m getting sucked into this being about my confidence and how I must still not have it, but maybe it’s about making a decision? And standing by it?