Leaving a party because I am too shy

I am trying to find out the model about something that happened yesterday.

I went to a party where there were many people that I was really excited to meet and talk to. I talked to a few people and then I left one hour later because I was too shy and uncomfortable : I didn’t know who to talk too. I wish I was more outgoing because I believe I miss some opportunities to met great people. I would have loved to stay, and have fun with everyone and meet great people but me being shy stopped me.

C. I don’t know who to talk to
T. I am too shy
F. ashamed
A. not talking to anyone
R. I left

I’m not sure to get it right. Is my “I don’t know who to talk to” a C or a A ? Is this model correct ?

C. I don’t know who to talk to
T. It is uncomfortable but I want to do it anyway.
F. between confidence and fear
A. go to someone and talk to that person, and redo again
R. I stay there and meet new people

What do you think about that ?