Less is not necessarily better

This is more if a cautionary note than a question. I went no sugar, no flour in December because of prediabetes. I was pretty much following a Paleo style diet. Then I read about how great ketogenic diets are for health markers, your brain and including blood sugar. Went very low carb, high fat. My glucose numbers were great, but I felt more and more tired, then anxious. Blood tests revealed my thyroid was under functioning significantly. Since then have learned that especially women need more carbs for normal thyroid functioning. This varies by individual, of course. So I added back in more starchy veggies and rice and already feel better without messing up my blood sugar. I remember you saying that traditional ketogenic diets really don’t work for some people and how some of your clients blossom again after adding back some carbs. I have learned my lesson! Thanks for saying that each person has to pick a protocol that works for them!