Lessening Joy In Food

Thank you so much for these answers – this form is so incredibly useful!

So: I have completed one urge jar on food (it was worth about nine pounds for me!) and I’ve started another as I want to be very secure in my urge work. Right now I’m noticing that the urges are coming much more slowly than they did for the first jar, which makes sense, I’m de-conditioning my urges.

I’m also noticing that the AMOUNT of joy I’m now feeling from my on-protocol meals has really decreased. Like, I’m eating my protocol lunch right now and it’s perfectly pleasant but I don’t have a lot of ENERGY around it. And it’s not like I’m looking at my tuna with beans and thinking “oh I wish you were a bowl of pasta” and feeling like that would be exciting… the whole idea of eating just feels quite unexciting to me. Is this the point where I need to move on with my life and find other exciting things instead?