Let down current clients and being greedy

One of the beliefs I have come across is that if I take on more clients, I will let my current clients down.
I feel Greedy
A: I tell myself I have lot of work to do in my weight loss area. I have a lot of mindset work to do. I don’t stay in consistent belief of actual goal. I create work for myself, I fall into the trap of “doing more” will create clients. I don’t spend time in helpful beliefs in my goals. I tell myself this will require some special strategy. I keep thinking of creating content for my clients but don’t actually create it. I question my coaching of my current clients. I put pressure on myself. Instead of being in creative, fun, believing energy. Don’t create content consistently. I watch courses, and tell myself to watch this this and this. I buffer with videos. I don’t allow myself to just chill and trust and rest. I don’t put focus and energy on making my content awesome that will get the consults. I don’t think about how and where I will upskill to improve my conversion rate. I tell myself I have too much to do.
R: I neither go for more clients (not with unrestricted flow at least) and nor serve current clients in the best way possible.

Can you please offer coaching and look at my model – any guidance on that? Thank you so much