Let People Be Wrong About You

Brooke –
This is an amazing thought and so liberating.
This thought alone is the answer to so many of the thoughts that cause suffering for me.
It frees me from having to be right.
It frees me from having to fight for the need that others have to understand me.
It releases me from approval by others
It liberates me from having to explain and justify
It allows me to be wrong about other people – and in some way, that idea brings to light judgements that I make about others and how that doesn’t serve them or me
It protects me from others’ judgements
It provides me with the compassion to meet people where they are
…and not worry if they can or can’t do that in return

I am a card carrying member and MVP of the people pleasing club along with many of your clients and am struggling to let go of this tendency. Awareness is there. Learning how to think/feel/act differently is my current station. The thought that people can be wrong about me is very comforting. Because I think it also means that I can be wrong about me…. This is fascinating too.

Thank you for this thought. I have tried it on many times since I first heard it and find relief in it.

Any other thoughts you can suggest to help move out of people pleasing?