Lets get practical

Circumstance: To fly first class to see my mother-in-law’s cost $3000 for both my husband and I
My husband makes the following comment: “I may need to check into driving (it’s a 12-hour drive ONE WAY to drive to my mother-in-law’s house)
My thought about that is….He thinks so small
My response…..I choose to believe we can EASILY fly here.
Context: I’m a coach and I believe I can continue to grow my business to the point where 3K is nothing. It makes me angry that he thinks it’s “practical” to look into driving. There’s NOTHING PRACTICAL in my mind about DRIVING 24 hours round trip. I want to believe that we don’t have to think the same for me to grow my business but it frustrates me.
Question: I want to believe we can EASILY afford to fly and that’s practical. BUT I also believe his unbelief can hurt our family. How do I separate my belief about money and wealth from my husband?