Letting Go?

I have already done work in the Relationships month and with one of your coaches on a friend of mine.

Current Story:  I have known her for over 40 years. She was my college roommate for a semester.  She has a narcissistic, self-absorbed personality that has been difficult for me at times, but I persist in loving her.  She has an amazing daughter who is getting married in 11 days.  Since her mother has not let her meet or know her father, my husband has been the biggest male role model in her life of 23 years.  She asked him to walk her down the aisle 4 months ago.  For the three of us, it seemed like a natural request and one that honored him deeply.  Yesterday, the mother called and told my husband that her daughter had changed her mind and wanted her uncle to walk her down the aisle.  The daughter then called and let us both know that her mother had threatened to not come to the wedding unless she changed to her uncle.


For the Daughter, compassion.

For my Husband, disappointment.

For my friend, disdain

For me, Relief, Release, and letting go

I feel that I have finally been lifted from the idea that I need to help and fix her.  I found myself this morning with the biggest smile during my walk….filled with joy.

I need help writing my new story about all of this.  My first attempt was that the daughter is a wonderful young woman who loves her mother.  It is important for her mother to be at her wedding and she made a decision to adhere to her mother’s request.

I think I could do better, but it’s still kind of raw.  I have 11 days to make this amazing!

Your help and counsel is so gratefully appreciated.