Letting go of anger

Dear Brooke, Thank you for all the wisdom here!
I’d like to ask some advice on how to stop feeling angry. Recently a colleague circulated an email at work that was critical of me even though I know I am super dedicated and effective and she is not. I felt all the things – ashamed, mad, furious, even though I thought it was unjustified. I would love to have just been able to brush it off and not take it personally, or to let the anger go, but here I am several days later still playing the whole thing over on a loop in my mind. Do you think that anger is just one of those feelings you just carry around in the “heavy purse” until it goes away, or can I do anything more active to be at peace with it? Here’s the original model I did:
C: Ashley’s email
T: She should never treat me like this. Her behavior is totally unprofessional disrespectful and counterproductive. Dealing with this email is a huge waste of my time and energy. She’s crazy.
F: Angry. Resentful.
A: Vent to friends. Send angry email. Keep thinking about it.
R: Demotivated at work. Feel crazy myself. Huge waste of my time and energy – ARGH!!!