Letting go of pride

I’ve been posting stuff about life coaching on social media. I’ve studied coaching, psychology, and mindset for literally hundreds of hours, and I’ve had hundreds of hours of therapy and coaching. I have never shared what I’ve been learning because I’ve very much felt too vulnerable to do so, in the spiritual closet per se.

Anyway, to my post today someone commented “you should listen to eckhart tolle”, in a way that I could tell he thought contradicted what my post said (it didn’t contradict, Eckhart is saying the same thing but this guy can’t see that from his current state of consciousness).

But I felt prideful and indignant or ‘better’ than this guy, and I felt the urge to tell him that he is wrong. So we did a few back and forths and I acted in a nice way, but I didn’t like the feeling fueling the interaction.

C human comments on my post
T How dare he think he know as much as me?
F Prideful, indignant
A Continue on conversation in a pleasant way, try to gently prove my point, halt the conversation when it gets personal (I just can’t stand small talk), do a model about it. I ruminate about it in my head and feel anger, I feel desire to put him “in his place”
R I fight his “all knowing-ness” with my own “all knowing-ness”, actually proving that we are *exactly the same*

I can see that I am acting out in reaction to what I believe is a projection from him. I am acting in the same way he is, trying to “prove my point”, rather than being open to discourse (even though I pretended to be open to discourse).

I’m not really sure how to move this into an intentional model. I can see that the “belief” under this result is that I think people should respect me (yes I know how that sounds).

I can “notice that I keep having the thought that people should respect me for all the work and education I’ve done.”

I’m in a bit of a knot with this model and am not too sure where to take it from here. Can I put “people respect me” in the R line? But that’s not really a result, that’s a thought.

Any advice on how to proceed?