Letting go of the indulgent thought of confusion

Hi Brooke,

I watched your how to feel better series and OMG, *mind blown*… I resonated so mich with the women who was not setting a date for marriage.

She was putting all her happiness on his shoulders because she was afraid that she couldn’t create her own. This really hit a chord inside of me. I have been in and out of a relathionship with a man soo willing to work things out with me and my confusion and fear that he wont be able to make me happy, has really been the major culprit to our failure as a couple.

I feel such a new sense of power and encouragement to make a commitment, be willing to feel the feelings and emotions that come up and do the thoguht work nessesary to be happy.

The only problem now is that i have run down his trust in me. I know i cant control him. There’s a lot of thought work that would have to be done for us to work. This, im afraid will make me want to indulge in the confusion again.

Here are my thoughts now about the possibillity of trying things again with him:
Im going back because of fear.
I dont want to hurt him again.
The pressure will be on..
Now I know how to decide to think thoughts that support our relathionship.
Im worried my intentions are not from a place of true love.
I should start over with someone new.
This is the fith time youve gone back to him, what are our friends and family going to think???
I may not have the strength to commit and have the courage to feel the fear that comes up.

This is me indulging in confusion. Its facinating to watch. Its a blessing to be able to see how much fear and confusion i have when it comes to relationships. Like i said, now that i know that its not my partners responsibility to make me happy and that i have the power to feel happy, i feel a sense of excitment. It makes me want to try agian.

I will do models on some of the thoughts i shared with you.
Just wanting to share my process with you Brooke.

You’re amazing ❤❤😘

Love, Jess