Letting Go of Thoughts

On Brooke’s April 6th live coaching call, Brooke talked with Kate. Here is some of what Brooke said: “You have to like divorce yourself. You have to let go of every thought that you have attached to yourself to be true, which is ‘I’m not good enough. My body is not good enough. Nobody’s gonna want me like this. I have to control myself so I can control how other people feel about me.’ You have to be willing to give all of that up. You have to commit to loving yourself no matter what. ‘I will love myself no matter what. I will love myself no matter what I weigh. I will want myself no matter what I weight.'”

And then Kate’s connection froze! Big bummer! 🙁 I’d love to see Brooke and Kate finish that coaching session if at all possible. 🙂 It was excellent!

My question is about the practical application of this for Kate–to divorce herself, to give up every thought that makes her suffer, to change most of what she believes about herself, to give up controlling herself so that she can control how other people feel about her, to get on the other side of this identity crisis. What is it to sound like in Kate’s brain as she works on all of this, during all of the moments when her brain wants to hold on to those old, very powerful thoughts? Would it sound something like ‘No, I choose not to think that thought any longer. I choose to think that I am willing to believe that I am good enough. I am loving myself no matter what.’? Basically it is creating a list of new, believable thoughts from intentional models to be practiced over and over every day and reminding herself that she is thinking differently every time she is aware of an old thought that doesn’t serve her?

Thank you in advance for your response.