Letting go of what I believe about myself

Well, I am working on creating my first paying clients or first money from my business.

I was holding on to the thoughts that I can’t make money or its hard or I can’t do it.

But the other part of me also believes I can totally do it.

I feel like I have done coaching on this and I can now drop the old thought and really believe that I can make money.

But something about it is kind of terrifying. Like imagine I made the money I wanted to make when it seemed so impossible once. That I have the capacity to make money in business. I think it would be a huge milestone for me to be able to make my first money from my business. Also seeing the possibility of what else I am capable of.

Also when I imagine making the money I want I think I would feel proud of myself. Because just by signing my first client I will make so much money than I have ever made. Or I will be making so much more money at my age than most people.

All of this is amazing. But it’s also kind of terrifying to let go of the person who constantly doubted herself, who didn’t believe it was possible for her and then now she is living it.

P.s I haven’t made the money yet. But just going to that place seems kind of terrifying.