Letting Others Be Wrong About You

I’m wondering how to let others be wrong about me.

I think the process is to work on the thoughts that I have about me, examine the manuals, and look for the truth in what they’re saying/thinking about me.

I have two relationships in my life that I’m doing this work on: my sister and my ex.

I think I’m letting them be who they are, but I also want to have a better relationship with them in my mind, so I know there is work to do on my thoughts about them. I don’t like the way I think about them (T: they should understand me, they should let me be who I am, they should be nicer to me) and I know that is also impacting my ability to let them be wrong about me. I think these are the results I’m creating when I’m thinking those thoughts while interacting with them – ie – I don’t understand me when I interact with them, I am not who I am when I interact with them, I am not nice to me when I interact with them.

I know there are manuals for how they, and I, should behave – see example above 🙂

What would you suggest I continue doing or try new to help me along with this process? Thank you!