Letting thoughts pass

Brooke… I am getting my mind blown over here. I just did a thought model and a bit of writing about a belief I had about food and WHOA. Seriously, whoa. I’ll let the models explain.
C: Life experiences
T: “I can’t fully experience the joy and pleasure of life without food”
F: Trapped (as in, if this is my belief I’m completely limited)
A: Indulge regularly
R: Live a mediocre life

Intentional model – this is my end-of-the-ladder intentional thought, so I have other thoughts to get me here
T: “I am so grateful for the true joy and pleasure I get to experience from living a present, conscious life”
F: FULFILLED, grateful
A: Continued personal growth and evolving
R: Live a full life that I unquestionably love being a part of

Like, holy shit.
And since I’m posting, I’ll ask, too, though it’s unrelated: What are your thoughts on just trusting that certain thoughts will pass? There are times when I think that I *could* do a model on a thought, but there are a lot of thoughts that I know will just get better with time as I continually practice and coach myself. Plus, I find the thought, “This will get easier/this will pass” very helpful.
Thank you, thank you. This is amazing stuff.