Level 10 commitment question follow up

Thank you for your reply to my first question. As an answer to your question about what would be so great when I get there, I am not sure. I wonder if it will be much better than this. I think that is what is keeping me from going there. Won’t there always be the mental chatter there? My guess is that the 50/50 that is there would be more vibrant? More robust then the 50/50 here that is dulled by buffering and living under my potential. One thing I did notice was that one of the things I wanted to do with my 100% commitment is stop snacking so I could lose my last 3lbs. I notice when I go by a mirror in the evenings I am always noticing I am a bit chubby and when I think about 100% commitment to lose that feeling it feels worth it. I want to be desirable to me, I want to love my body. I am wondering though what to do with I don’t love my body right now and Brooke teaches to love your body first. I don’t hate my body at all but I do think that for me losing the mental chatter around snacking/body image would be worth it but it’s not motivated by abundance. I think I am worthy, but it’s not like I LOVE it here.