Level 10 follow up part 3

Thank you so much for your coaching. As I continue to explore 100% or level 10 commitment (and through your coaching) I realize that I have a bunch of stories around negative emotion I am hoping you could help me tease out even more.

I have a story that I won’t be able to handle negative emotion and still show up the way I want to. It’s almost like negative emotion and perfectionism are tied together. I have this feeling that if I don’t process my negative emotions perfectly that is a sign I can’t do it.

C Negative emotions
T If you aren’t able to show up the way you want to, then you have failed and can’t do it
F Hopeless/Trapped
A Imagine scenes where I try to process negative emotion but still resist it, imagine negative emotions being overwhelming, see myself “failing” to push through
R I don’t try to process negative emotions so I never learn how to.

C Negative emotions
T This is a skill that takes practice
F Willing
A process negative emotion, fail-learn-try again
R I teach myself how to process negative emotion and at the same time expose myself to it enough I am not afraid of it.